Digital Mosaix

Unite an audience online with our Digital Mosaix solution.
Fans, supporters, or employees engage with your brand and each other, by uploading photos from their mobiles to create an online mosaic made to your unique design.

The Process

We work with you to create all the elements to launch your online mosaic experience. This includes scoping out; the design of the mosaic, the method of upload, viewer experience. We have solutions from small mosaics to ones with millions of images. 

See a basic user journey below.

Invite your audience

Promote your experience to your employees, fans, or customers.
Send simple instructions for uploading their selfie & web location to view the mosaic.

Upload a Selfie

Your audience start uploading their photos via Instagram, twitter, email & other custom methods.

Moderation of imagery can be provided to prevent unwanted content.

Watch it build

Your audience visit the custom web page where they can watch the mosaic as it's built, one photo at a time.

Zoomable Mosaic Image

Best viewed on a desktop computer or tablet.
Explore the mosaic by using your mouse to zoom in and out or use the controls in the top left hand corner of the mosaic.
Click the Home to re-centre.
Click the Right hand symbol for full screen.

Digital Online Mosaix Options

When designing your online digital mosaic, there are a wide variety of methods and options to choose from depending on required outcome and budget.

These include simple solutions designed for small audiences to advanced interactive mosaics designed for handle millions of images. 

Check out some of the features and options below.

Real-time or batch

Depending on the application, whether public or private, mosaics can set to upload live or in batches eg on a daily basis.

Embed Adverts

Play video or still adverts while the mosaic is being built. Preselect the number of ads and frequency.


Select from a variety of animation settings to keep the mosaic 'alive' and visually appealing.

Run competitions

Have a preselected number of mosaic tiles as winning tiles. If a person's photo hits a tile, they are a winner.

Live or past events

Digital mosaics can be made from new photos or photos taken from previous events.


Hover and click, zoom and pan are some of the ways people explore your mosaic.

Some ideas to get you thinking...

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